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Neural Audio’s Broadcast Processor & Decoder Enables 5.1 Surround Sound

Neural Audio's Broadcast Processor & Decoder Enables 5.1 Surround Sound

Neural Audio announced the Spatial Environment Engine, the first decoder processor solution to enable a surround sound experience in automotive and home audio from a digital two channel broadcast source. Using watermark embedment by the Neural broadcast processor, SEE derives spatial cues to intelligently render the spatial image, whether 5.1 original, 5.1 produced, or ogirinal stereo. XM is demonstrating Neural as part of a mutli-channel automotive system using the SEE decoder solution at CES.
“Used in an automotive audio system, SEE intelligently expands the listening ‘sweet spot’ to include the entire passenger compartment. Neural’s SEE is backward compatible and can be integrated with existing decoders from providers such as Dolby, SRS, Lexicon, and DTS,” Neural executives told Radio World.

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