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NeuStar SW4.0 Is Software Solution

NeuStar SW4.0 Is Software Solution

New from Harris at NAB were offerings in the NeuStar codec “preconditioning” product line, which use Neural Audio technology. Harris is the exclusive reseller of NeuStar into broadcast markets.
Harris said the NeuStar 4.0 hardware was designed for HD Radio multicasting and includes more digital signal processing and TCP/IP web control. It can also be used for Internet, ISDN/POTS, satellite, DRM, DAB, and compressed STL audio codec pre-conditioning.
The new software-based Harris NeuStar SW4.0 was on demo. It has the features of NeuStar 4.0 hardware and Harris UltraLink hardware. “This allows broadcasters to monitor and process multiple digital radio channels or Internet streams in the same ‘box’ at a much lower cost per channel than stand-alone processing,” the company stated. It runs on Windows XP computers or servers, including the Harris Flexstar HDI-100 Importer, for which it is available as an embedded option.