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NeuStar System Is Now Two Components

NeuStar System Is Now Two Components

Harris and Neural Audio Corp. said the NeuStar 5225 Mix-Edit Transcoder for surround sound has been upgraded and also expanded into two components.
The components are the NeuStar 5225 DownMix and the 5225 UpMix. Neural said creation of a separate box for monitoring the 5.1 signal also allowed it to increase processing power.
They also said NeuStar 5225 products are now available for any digital broadcast format and any transmission system. “Content produced through the 5225 DownMixer and 5225 UpMixer are processor and exciter agnostic, backward/forward compatible, and enable the broadcaster to mix, edit, store and broadcast 5.1 content from a stereo infrastructure,” they stated in an announcement for the NAB show.
Neural uses a “watermark” technology and says its 2-D stereo downmix of the original 5.1 material allows “seamless and artifact-free” cross fades from mono/stereo to surround, surround to mono/stereo and surround to surround.
Neural said that, with the two components, “stations are just two very affordable boxes away from broadcasting 5.1 without the need to re-wire their station or throw away their ability to edit, store or do voiceovers. This is why the Neural system should be the standard.”
Separately, Neural said it has assisted NPR in optimizing its 32 kbps multicast closed circuit HD Radio presentation of material from Las Vegas member station KCVN(FM) in the Ibiquity booth.
“With the Neural implementation, NPR is able to broadcast multiple audio channels on the same frequency with minimal degradation of audio quality,” the supplier stated.
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