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New Demonstrates Digital Investment

Redesign declutters, focuses on the story experience

NPR has relaunched its homepage with a new look and audience experience optimized for screens ranging “from large desktop screens all the way down to Google glasses,” according to a release from the news organization.

“Our online audience is engaging with NPR on a growing number of devices, from small-screen phones to big-screen TVs,” said Chief Content Officer Kinsey Wilson. “With this redesign, we’re able to give the audience the optimum NPR experience no matter where they encounter us.”

The homepage relaunches with sponsorship from Web publishing platform Squarespace in the “Center Stage,” a custom sponsorship offering that features click-to-play long-form video. Each unit is designed by NPR, and the video content is screened to ensure a complementary experience.

The navigation bar remains visible with scrolling to offer quick access to the four content pillars of Once visitors have browsed all current stories, they are prompted to “load more,” selecting from one of the four content pillars.

A space at the top of the homepage displays headlines and a button to listen to the latest reports. When stories are breaking or developing, the site will show that along with trending topics.

The new site enables visitors to select their favorite station, and auto-localizes as a default, while the listen drawer also drives to NPR apps and podcasts.