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New SelectRadio Software Brings Sat Radio Together on the Move

Satellite radio can be interoperable now — on your mobile phone or other digital device.

Satellite radio can be interoperable now — on your mobile phone or other digital device.

A new version of SelectRadio software has been introduced that lets users hear both Sirius and XM channels — 162 total sat rad channels.

SelectRadio software for wireless handhelds debuted at CES 2006. This year, it added podcasts to its lineup of audio content from Internet radio, news and talk channels and satellite radio channels that can be accessed with the software.

SelectRadio software also has expanded the number of BBC content choices by adding on-demand programs from the BBC World Service. Users can access the content additions for AccuRadio, BBC, radioio, Shoutcast, Sirius, and XM, or create personalized groups of channels and podcasts.

Access to either Sirius Internet Radio or XM Radio Online channels requires an account, which may be available free to existing radio subscribers or is available separately from XM for $7.99/mo and from Sirius for $12.95/mo. The other channels and podcast programs available from the latest SelectRadio software version are free.

The new version 3.5 of SelectRadio software is compatible with handheld phones and PDAs such as the Treo 700 series, the UTStarcom 6700, HP hw65/69xx, HTC Universal, Hermes and others with Microsoft Windows Mobile WM 2003SE/WM5.0 PPC or Phone Edition operating systems.

For live listening, SelectRadio software requires a network connection through either the handheld wireless GPRS/EDGE, EVDO, or WiFi connection or through the USB ActiveSync connection to the desktop.

SelectRadio software is $25 for a device-specific license (