New Sirius XM Wi-Fi Internet Tabletop Radio Coming

Unit receives Sirius XM Internet channels only
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While last week we told you about Sirius XM’s new iPhone Dock, however the company is also releasing a tabletop Wi-Fi Internet radio receiver this fall.

The unit receives Sirius Internet channels and Best of XM Internet programming. Features include 10 presents, an LCD screen, and aux in and line out ports.

List price for the tabletop Wi-Fi Sirius XM Internet radio will be just under $150.


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Pico Wi-Fi: A ‘Portable’ Internet Radio?

The unit’s otherwise solid performance — it retained enough battery power to remember the stations last tuned, when the battery pack was too low to run the radio proper — makes the Pico Wi-Fi a worthwhile choice for first-timers wanting to try Internet radio.