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New Transmitter for Radio Pakistan

Broadcaster extends reach, spreads information to southern Balochistan province and beyond

Radio Pakistan added a new 100-kW medium-wave transmitter to its network in the southern Balochistan province city of Turbat.

The transmitter, inaugurated in early February, provides access to news and entertainment to people of remote areas of Balochistan province, the largest of the four provinces in Pakistan.

Pakistan information minister Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan said that projects like this one “will promote harmony between the federation and the provinces and will help empower people, particularly women, youth and promote the rich culture of Balochistan.” She also emphasized that this project reflects the priority and importance the government puts on the people of Balochistan.

Murtaza Solangi, Radio Pakistan director general explained that the transmitter has a 300-kilometer range during the day with the range tripling during the night, ensuring clear signals to southern parts of Balochistan, various parts of UAE, Iran and other countries.