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New VOA Shows in Burundi

Voice of America launches health, business shows in Burundi

Two new 30-minute, Kirundi-language interactive radio shows are giving the voice to young entrepreneurs and providing information about the HIV/AIDS pandemic in the central African country of Burundi.

The two Voice of America programs, respectively entitled “Tujahe” and “Kira,” are partly funded by grants from USAID and the U.S. State Dept. They are broadcast on shortwave, FM and on the Internet.

Tujahe airs Sundays, and is hosted by Olivier Nkengurutse and Diane Ndonse. It targets young entrepreneurs and those interested in job creation in Burundi, The show allows them to share their experiences and to get advice from business expert Pierre-Claver Nduwumwami.

Kira, hosted by Alain-Yves Irankunda and Edwige Mbominmpa, focuses on the HIV/AIDS, which the Burundi government has identified as one of the country’s most serious health issues. The show, which airs on Saturdays, also features reports from the field, audience questions and music by Burundian artists.