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Exhibitor Preview: ENCO at the NAB Show

Will preview next generation of its remote radio automation control interface

Ken FrommertThe NAB Show is only a few weeks away, and Radio World is asking exhibitors about their plans and expectations.

ENCO Systems will be in the North Hall. Ken Frommert is the company president.

Radio World: What do you expect to be the most significant technology topics for radio at the convention?

Ken Frommert: The main technology trend we’re seeing is being driven by an operational one: increasing demand for comprehensive remote access and management to support the proliferation of distributed working models.

Even before the pandemic, forward-looking radio stations were already adopting remote automation interfaces to improve flexibility and efficiency for full-time personnel while empowering part-time, contract and remote staff. The benefits of remote access took on even more significance over the past two years, and broadcasters who may have initially implemented distributed workflows out of necessity are now hooked.

RW: Can you give us a product preview?

Frommert: Our biggest product news for radio broadcasters will be a preview of WebDAD 3.0, the next generation of our browser-based, remote radio automation control interface. It features a completely revamped architecture designed to improve the user experience while laying the foundation for future functionality.

WebDAD lets users remotely manage and control studio-based ENCO DAD radio automation systems from anywhere with an internet connection. It supports remote access for everything from uploading content and modifying playlists to voice tracking. WebDAD lets users efficiently manage their operations and keep their station on-air even when personnel can’t be physically in the studio.

The most visible change is the modernized redesign of its browser-based user interface for more intuitive operation and to streamline workflows for key features. Security is bolstered with more granular control over user permissions, while support for third-party accessibility assistance tools improves usability for people with impairments or disabilities.

ENCO WebDAD 3.0 running on a laptop
ENCO will preview the next generation of its WebDAD remote radio automation control interface at the 2022 NAB Show.

While WebDAD 3.0 is the highlight on the radio side, we’ll also have some big news for TV and video customers, including exciting advances in our enCaption automated closed captioning system. Whether you’re a radio broadcaster, TV broadcaster or content producer, there will be something new for you to experience at our booth.

RW: How is WebDAD 3.0 different from what’s available on the market?

Frommert: We’ve really focused on the user experience, making it even more intuitive while aligning with the latest best practices and trends in interface design.

This includes allowing users to flexibly access the automation system across more browsers and devices. Remote access has become such an intrinsic element of today’s media operations that it’s crucial for the remote experience to be comprehensive and seamless. And of course, as the remote interface for our DAD automation platform, WebDAD 3.0 inherently shares the unique advantages of DAD itself.

RW: How has the lack of physical trade shows affected your clients or your own business?

Frommert: It hasn’t slowed down our business overall; in fact, we have been expanding significantly over the past three years. That said, while we have been leveraging new ways to stay connected to our customers — such as hosting more webinars — nothing else really replaces the face-to-face meeting experience.

Trade shows are a valuable opportunity not only for us to showcase our latest innovations, but just as importantly to hear from our customers about what they’re working on and the direction they’re heading. I find we get deeper insights from our in-person conversations at shows than we do over a phone call or video conference.

RW: Anything else we should know?

Frommert: While it’s not brand new, this will be the first NAB Show where visitors can see our DAD Disaster Recovery (DAD-DR) solution in person.

DAD-DR is a cloud-based companion to our DAD automation systems, designed to take over program and ad playout on a moment’s notice in case of a natural disaster, critical technical failure or malicious intrusion such as a ransomware attack. DAD-DR stays in continual synchronization with changes made on the customer’s on-premises DAD system to ensure that backup content is up to date and that all scheduled ad spots will run.

ENCO NAB Booth: N5625