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NexGen 2006 Eases Podcast Production, Voice Track ID

NexGen 2006 Eases Podcast Production, Voice Track ID

Prophet Systems released NexGen Digital 2006, the most recent version of its automation software.
The company says it has features requested by NexGen users such as podcast content that sounds better and is easier to produce.
Users can burn podcasts straight to audio or data CD using Podcast Wizard and Podcast XLR8R. Additionally, users will be able to pre-schedule podcasts to be created and transmitted automatically.
NexGen 2006 also eases automated backup of station content in the case of internal problems, such as inexperienced users, and external ones such as extreme weather.
Prophet says users can restore voice tracks and entire logs, and that the VoiceTRAC feature has been enhanced to ease the identification of voice tracks, as well. Titles now include station, date, hour and position within the hour. If stations have to do retakes on voice tracks, NexGen 2006 lets users undo and redo them instead of trying out multiple takes.
NexGen Digital 2006 is available now.