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Next Up for Auction 100: Long-Form Applications Due

Window open from April 18 through May 9

As part of its already announced Auction 100, the Media Bureau announced that a new filing window has been opened for those applicants who applied for a new FM translator station construction permit earlier this year.

This new window is just for a specific group: those applicants that have already submitted a short-form application as part of the Auction 100 filing window and must now complete the long-form Form 349 for each of its listed Tech Box proposals.

The window is open from April 18 to May 9, and each applicant in the list provided by the Federal Communications Commission needs to complete Form 349 by May 9 for each of their listed Tech Box proposals. These long-form applications must be completed through the Media Bureau’s CDBS online electronic forms filing database.

Hundreds of licensees are participating in the process from across the country, including religious broadcasters like Immaculate Heart Media in New Mexico and Holy Family Communications in New York as well as noncommercial groups like Sacred Heart University in Norwalk, Conn.

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The greatest number of applicants per state come from Texas (with more than 42) while Washington had just one, from Digital Syndicate Network.

Auction 100 is the name of the second cross-service FM translator window that opened at the end of January 2018. The window was opened to any AM station licensee that did not participate in either the 2016 FM translator modification windows or the 2017 cross-service FM translator auction filing window.

This final window is the last of the Auction 100 filing windows designed to help revitalize the AM band as part of the commission’s AM revitalization initiative. Full details on the processes and procedures are in the FCC’s Public Notice, which includes detailed filing instructions and a link to an online tutorial.