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NextRadio Touts Growth

Downloads increased in 2015 as did time viewing and listening

The radio listening app NextRadio experienced “tremendous” growth in 2015 in areas such as app downloading and listening metrics, according to the developer.

Compared with 2014, overall listening increased by 334%; average session length using the app increased by 25%; average time spent listening increased from 21 minutes to 26 minutes; views of the “Now Playing” screen increased by 1,153%; and interaction with individual station content increased by 1161%.

It added that the average app session length is now 57 minutes compared to the average entertainment app session of 13 minutes 20 seconds (based on Nielsen numbers), the company said.

NextRadio President Paul Brenner said, “All of this progress supports the fact that consumers are finding value and a unique experience in the NextRadio app. These results further validate what the radio industry can achieve together when they offer a unified platform for consumers to listen, view and interact with radio.”