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Nexus Urges LPFM Wannabes to Act

Engineering consulting firm deadline approaches

Nexus Broadcast reminds potential customers the time to apply for a new low-power FM is winding down.

The engineering consulting firm has limited spots left for applicants who need paperwork to qualify as a nonprofit. The Nexus deadline is Tuesday, Nov. 12. “Only fully spaced applications will be accepted by Nexus after Nov. 12th due to the amount of time involved creating the necessary waivers,” says the firm in its latest newsletter.

That’s because the FCC’s deadline to accept LPFM applications closes on Nov. 14 at 6 p.m. Eastern.

The firm warns potential clients it won’t have information regarding the granting of applications until the first quarter of the new year.

The company’s next steps will be working on a group equipment purchase for Nexus customers receiving construction permits next year.

“In addition, we’ll have engineers standing by throughout the United States in 2014 ready to help you with any aspect of your build, whether that is just installing the antenna or completing building your station from the ground up,” according to Nexus. “Please understand we will not be providing individual quotes to anyone without a construction permit or existing license, as this process is time consuming.”

Looking forward, Nexus points to several LPFM-related efforts underway. The FCC could consider raising the maximum power levels from 100 watts to levels up to 250 watts soon, we’ve reported.

Nexus will soon send out information concerning the possible creation of low-power AM stations, which would provide similar coverage to LPFMS, according to the firm.