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NFCB to Offer Free Seminars to N.Y. Non-Coms

Goal is to educate staff on using new technologies to expand access to independent music.

The National Federation of Community Broadcasters is offering free seminars for New York stations and those broadcasting into the state to train staff and volunteers in non-com radio on using new digital technology platforms to expand access to independent music.

The one-day seminars, called “New Technologies, New Music,” will be held in Manhattan on Sept. 27; Albany on Oct. 17; and Buffalo on Oct. 18. Topics include definitions of independent music, building digital libraries, hardware and software, metadata, payola/plugola and legal lessons on copyright and reporting.

Instructors include Ken Freedman, general manager of WFMU(FM) in Jersey City, N.J.; Jim Campbell, new media expert and head of Modular Media, a media consulting company; John Crigler and Melodie Virtue, communications attorneys with law firm Garvey Schubert Barer; and Gregg McVicar, host and producer of the nationally syndicated music program “Undercurrents,” and who wrote the curriculum.

Interested parties should apply via the NFCB Web site by July 15.