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Nielsen: Millennial Men Listen (to Radio)

“Slapstick, edgy and sarcastic humor resonates highly with younger men,” notes the audience researcher

Nearly nine in 10 men ages 18 to 34 tune into radio each week, according to Nielsen; and they log 11 hours 42 minutes of listening a week on average.

The audience research firm believes these data may break the myth that this age group of cord cutters isn’t as receptive to advertising as males in other demographics.

Millennial males spend less time on average consuming traditional TV each week — only 20 hours, compared to 23 hours for Millennial females, 28 hours for Gen X males and 38 hours for Boomer males. However they spend more time than any other demographic (2 hours 15 minutes) watching online videos, according to the findings.

Millennial males show more interest in personalized streamed services like Pandora or Spotify than do other demos. The group is also active on digital media, with 70% interacting on social networks, 57% downloading applications, 56% downloading games, 51% using a game console and 38% using Twitter.

Snark — “slapstick, edgy and sarcastic humor” — resonates highly with younger men, said Nielsen.

The company published the infographic below about this demographic.