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Nielsen Says 92% of Americans 12+ Listen to Radio

Audience research firm releases its first “Audio Today” report

In Nielsen’s first “Audio Today” report, the audience research firm finds 92% of Americans 12+, or some 242 million, are listening to radio each week.

Audio’s reach is nearly identical across major demos, ethnicities and geographies, the firm finds.

Radio is available on multiple platforms and consumers are listening about an average of 2.5 hours a day. The firm highlights the medium’s ability to reach a consumer right before the individual makes a purchase.

Getting into the nitty-gritty, Nielsen finds 65.2 million Millennials (18–34), which the research firm also calls “America’s most connected consumers,” use radio each week; that breaks down to 52% male and 48% female.

Boomers (50–64) are the most engaged demo, spending 14.5 hours a week with radio, says Nielsen in the report. News/talk is the most popular format among boomers.

As with last year’s Arbitron findings, afternoon drive is now the top listened-to daypart and country is the number one format overall.

Out-of-home listening still dominates at 72%, compared to in-home listening at 28%.