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Norman Corwin Award Nominations Open

Nominees should have worked in audio theatre for at least 10 years

The National Audio Theatre Festivals is now accepting nominations for its 2024 Norman Corwin Award. The annual award recognizes people, or groups, who have made important contributions to the art of audio theatre in the United States.

Nominees should have worked in audio theatre for at least 10 years and “created a substantial and significant body of work,” per NATF. They may be writers, actors, directors, musicians or engineers. All fiction and nonfiction genres can be considered. Deceased people and disbanded groups may also be nominated for a Corwin Legacy Award.

Nominations may be made from now until Mar. 15, 2024. The winner(s) are announced each year on May 3, Norman Corwin’s birthday, and are presented at an event organized by the NATF.

To nominate, go to the NATF’s Corwin award nomination page. Or send an email directly to [email protected]

Norman Corwin, 1973

There is a $35 fee for each nomination. If the nomination is accepted for consideration, payment arrangements will be made in a reply email.

Audio theatre is defined as audio productions which have been written for, or adapted for, the audio medium, using voices, sounds and music, according to the NATF. A simple reading of text written for the eye, such as an audiobook, does not qualify.

This news also pertains to Radio World readers in the broadcast and radio industries. NATF said in a press release: “Audio theatre may be associated with any audio medium, including radio broadcast, analog or digital recordings in any form, and podcasting, file sharing or streaming online.”

NATF says Norman Lewis Corwin (1910-2011) was hailed during his lifetime as the “Grand Master of American Audio Theatre.” He wrote, directed and produced many widely-acclaimed plays and pieces for radio broadcast, recordings and the internet, starting in 1938 and continuing into the 21st Century.

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