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NPR Labs Studies DTV Receiver Interference Tolerance from NCE FMs

Channel 6 Protections Still Needed?

Find those NPR Labs tests on DTV receivers I mentioned last time in The Leslie Report in MB Docket 87-268 and MM Docket 99-325 on the FCC’s Web site.

In those, John Kean describes tests on 17 DTV receiver models to determine the level of interference from signals transmitted by NCE FM stations operating on reserved FM channels to reception of TV Channel 6.

“Specifically, the tests of FM Channels 201 to 220 (88.1 to 91.9 MHz) are reported, which are required by FCC rules to protect full-service TV Channel 6 stations (47 CFR § 73.525),” states NPR Labs in the document.

The Channel 6 protection rules were adopted in 1985, using interference measurements of analog television receivers taken in 1979, Kean told me.

“In anticipation of the conversion to digital television broadcasting and termination of analog TV transmission in early 2009 it is appropriate to reconsider the FM interference performance of receivers available to consumers for digital television reception,” states the labs.

NPR Labs does not come to any conclusions in the reports.