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O’Shaughnessy Says Satellite ‘Wake-Up Call’ Worked

O'Shaughnessy Says Satellite 'Wake-Up Call' Worked

William O’Shaughnessy says his wake-up call worked.
Reacting to the news that NAB and XM Satellite Radio had reached an agreement over the question of local content on terrestrial repeaters, Whitney Radio put out a statement that it was its president and CEO, O’Shaughnessy, “who, after being alerted by local zoning authorities, sounded the alarm and blew the whistle on XM’s ‘stealth’ campaign to install those terrestrial repeaters … when XM launched its ‘under-the-radar’ installations in the New York suburban area two years ago.”
The statement also acknowledged NAB’s Jack Goodman and Jeff Baumann for “yeoman’s work” on the issue.
XM and the NAB agreed on suggested language for the repeater rules and sent it to the FCC two days before Christmas. An NAB spokesman said the agreement would prevent XM or any other satellite radio licensee from originating content from a terrestrial repeater and from using repeaters in any way to divide content provided over satellites into localized programming.