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Ofcom Extends Offer For New AM Licenses

Also will consider extending coverage range to 10 km radius

Ofcom has announced plans to allow applications for AM licenses to community radio starting in the second half of this year.

The regulator notes that this band is not popular in most of the U.K., and says that it will consider making an exception to its standard 5 km radius policy for community radio, extending the range to up to 10 km in the daytime for applicants who can prove a need for this based on their target audience. This applies to both rural and urban areas.

The regulator also emphasized that applicants should be prepared to address and demonstrate a thorough comprehension of the operational differences between AM and FM broadcasts.

With the expected timeline (applications in late 2013 submitted and five year licenses taking effect between 2014 and 2016), AM radio will likely be on air in the U.K. until at least 2020, according to Radio Today.