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Old Time Radio Gathering in New Jersey This Month Is the 33rd

'Our convention has thrived longer than the era it celebrates.'

The 2008 Friends of Old Time Radio convention will be held Oct. 23–26 at the Holiday Inn North, in Newark, N.J.

Every year these keepers of radio’s sacred flame (or should that be sacred tubes?) gather and re-create classic radio plays, listen to big band music, enjoy interviews with radio veterans, buy memorabilia and socialize with celebrities such as Lucie Arnaz and Chuck McCann.

Players from old-time favorites such as “Red Ryder,” “My Little Margie,” “Our Miss Brooks,” “The Lone Ranger” and “The Guiding Light” are expected to attend.

Programs from “Our Miss Brooks” to “War of the Worlds” can be seen in the re-creations. This will be the 33rd meeting.

Chairman and Founder Jay Hickerson puts the original “Golden Age” of radio at 1932 to 1962. “Our convention has thrived longer than the era it celebrates.”