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Omnia Revives AudioActive

New “interactive radio” products in the pipeline

Telos Alliance partner Omnia Audio is reviving the AudioActive brand. In line with that effort, it has announced an alliance with Jump2Go to develop a “suite” of “interactive radio” products.

Telos Alliance CEO Frank Foti elaborated: “Broadcasters have been very receptive to innovations that make radio more immersive to today’s younger listener demographics, and we think that this new AudioActive technology is something they’ll be excited about, too.”

He added, “For instance, AudioActive will bring RDS encoding to Omnia audio processors, and provide ‘live’ metadata to Telos Alliance products such as Telos ProFiler and ProStream, Omnia A/XE and Axia IP-Audio networks.”

First out of the gate, according to a release is the DP-1 processor. According to a release, the DP-1 will be compatible with the NextRadio FM radio in smartphones app that is being developed.