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OnAir Medya Equips Afritel

Provides FM transmitters, antennas and radiolink systems to Abuja, Nigeria-based radio station

Afritel Radio Station in Abuja, Nigeria is ringing in the new year with a bevy of new broadcast systems that it acquired from . The

Turkish company OnAir Medya delivered its 6 kW and 4 kW FM transmitters, antenna and radiolink systems to the station.

According to OnAir Medya, its FT6K 6 kW transmitter features two 3 kW amplifiers, with the ability run without interruption if one amplifier fails by reducing the power to 2 kW.

It is designed with LDMOS technology, features an automatic changeover system for N+1, and faults can be monitored by the display on the front panel and the internet. The FT4K model features an LDMOS transistor, as well as all the features of the FT6K.