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O’Neal to Chat at SBE 37 Meeting

He’ll address ever-changing, technology-dependent broadcast systems

James O’Neal will visit with members of SBE Chapter 37 in Washington.

He’ll speak next Tuesday, Aug. 16, at the meeting at Radio Free Asia.

O’Neal is technology editor at Radio World’s sister publication, TV Technology; he’s familiar to Radio World readers through his articles about broadcast technology and history. He’ a long-time broadcast engineer in radio and TV. He has worked at USIA and VOA-TV.

O’Neal, an SBE 37 member, will address “The History and Future of Broadcast Systems Resilience (Or Can You Ever Have Enough Backup?).” He’ll discuss how broadcasters have met challenges along with looking at how they can deal with greater challenges as the pace of technological change increases.

Knowing James, he’ll have plenty of good stories to tell and pictures to show.

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