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Orban Has Version 2.1 of Optimod-FM

Orban Has Version 2.1 of Optimod-FM

Optimod users take note. Orban has released version 2.1 software for its FM audio processor, the Optimod-FM 8400.
It’s available via free download from and is shipping with new models.
The company says the software offers a new low-latency mode that reduces delay to 15 milliseconds. Operation can be switched between low-latency and the 20 ms delay mode, first introduced with version 2.0; this allows users to find the best combo of loudness, presence and distortion.
V2.1 also has a new series of presets aimed at CHR and similar stations. New presets in the Loud-Hot family take advantage of the low-latency mode.
Other features include five-level password-protected security; security for all possible remote connections, whether direct serial, modem or Ethernet; and the ability to run the 8400 using ASCII command strings so users can set up remote communications and recall presets. Also easier: using automation systems to change presets.