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Orban Releases MPEG-4 aacPlus Streaming Audio Encoder

Orban Releases MPEG-4 aacPlus Streaming Audio Encoder

Orban has the Opticodec-PC available for beta customers. Opticodec-PC has MPEG-4 aacPlus encoding software providing streaming audio. The software lets streaming providers supply content encoded with the Coding Technologies aacPlus codec. Broadcast streams encoded with Opticodec-PC can be experienced through the new RealPlayer 10 and can automatically list themselves on, an upcoming new directory service for Opticodec-PC streams.
“The efficient codec aacPlus slashes bandwidth costs,” said David Frerichs, Vice President and US GM at Coding Technologies, making streaming more economical for broadcasters.
Opticodec-PC is available for Microsoft Windows 2000/XP and supplies streams compatible with the free Darwin Streaming Server, which is available multiple platforms including Linux, Windows, and Macintosh. Opticodec-PC is available in two versions, LE and PE. Opticodec-PC LE encodes a single stream at bit rates between 8 and 32 kbps. Opticodec-PC PE is offered solely in a premium package coupled with an Optimod-PC and can encode multiple simultaneous streams at bit rates from 8 to 320 kbps.
Opticodec-PC LE retails for $99. The Opticodec-PC PE has a suggested retail price of $495 or with an Optimod-PC sound card, for $1,995.