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Ozcat Radio Vandalized

Northern California community station returns to air

California community station “Ozcat Radio,” KZCT(FM) is back on the air after vandalism at its transmitter site took the North Bay San Francisco station off the air for five days.

Station founder and owner David Martin told KTVU(TV), Vallejo that vandals broke into a small hut that houses the battery that powers the antenna. The station uses a solar-powered antenna; during the day, the solar-array also charges batteries for overnight use.

Vandals stole key components to charge the battery, according to Martin, who said they also broke his lock and replaced it with their own.

The transmitter site has been vandalized before, according to the Vallejo Times-Herald. A board member is donating a security system for the site, freeing up Martin and his team to move the station out of his home and into a city building next month.