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Pandora Now on Verizon FiOS

Verizon begins to add Internet music service to TV service

And the Password is, “Convergence.” Telecom company Verizon calls part of its strategy “breaking down barriers between TV and the Internet.” The specific news is that Verizon’s FiOS IPTV service is providing subscribers with access to the Pandora music service, being rolled out market by market.

The first markets are in California, Texas and Virginia. Naturally an app is involved. Pandora app, to be found in the Widgets menu, allows interfacing between the music service and the FiOS remote control. For mobile devices the FiOS TV Mobile Remote will perform a similar duty.

FiOS TV customers with an existing Pandora account click on the Widgets button on the remote control, select the Pandora icon and enter the email address and password associated with their online account. For customers who do not have a Pandora account, subscribers click on the Widgets button on the FiOS remote control, select the Pandora icon and then select “New to Pandora” to start an account.

Pandora’s Executive Vice President of Business Development Jessica Steel said, “Pandora delivered through the FiOS set-top box allows everyone in the family to enjoy their personalized radio stations in the comfort of their home.”

Verizon Vice President of Product Management Eric Bruno said, “Bringing FiOS TV and Pandora together creates another exceptional home-entertainment experience for our customers because FiOS networks your home and combines personalized Internet music with your entertainment center.”