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Pandora Adopts Unified ID 2.0

SiriusXM said Pandora becomes the first audio publisher to do so

The words Unified ID2.0 in white letters against a blue background, with a stylized logo to the right suggestive of the windscreen on a microphone

Pandora Media, part of SiriusXM, announced this month that it has adopted Unified ID 2.0. It said it is the first audio publisher to do so.

UID2 is an open-source “identity solution” to help media companies offer targeting, frequency management and measurement. SiriusXM said the step will make it easier for advertisers to buy, target and measure digital audio, especially programmatically.

An agreement between AdsWizz Inc. and The Trade Desk will allow AdsWizz to enable UID2 across Pandora, SiriusXM said in its announcement. The Trade Desk is a technology company that provides a self-service, cloud-based advertising platform; it led initial development of the UID2 initiative. AdsWizz is a technology arm of SiriusXM that supports monetization of audio content.

“With the industry-wide decline of identifiers, the programmatic space has seen a data gap,” said Sirius XM Media, the advertising arm of the company, in its announcement.

“By adopting this alternative identity solution, SiriusXM Media is committed to innovate without reliance on cookies and prepare for future industry headwinds.”

It said UID2 can deliver “accurate holistic targeting and measurement capabilities without reliance on third-party cookies to improve advertiser addressability and measurement.”

Brian Gilbert, VP of programmatic operations at SiriusXM, was quoted saying that audio makes up 31% of time spent but only 9% of ad spend, which presents an opportunity for audio advertisers to exploit.


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