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Pandora One Day Pass Enables Ad-Free Listening

Streaming special offer can be purchased for 99 cents

Internet streamer Pandora says the Pandora One Day Pass will be available in the United States starting this week for 99 cents. This offers listeners 24 hours of paid-service Pandora One benefits, such as ad-free listening and more skips.

“Some listeners want an ad-free experience every once in a while, and the Pandora One Day Pass offers a new way to effortlessly access the music they love,” said Pandora Chief Product Officer Chris Phillips.

The pass will be available for purchase on iOS and Android devices beginning Sept. 10. Once a listener has purchased a Pandora One Day Pass, the listening experience will begin immediately and will seamlessly continue in cars and connected devices.

The Pandora One Day Pass will also sponsor Pandora’s “Listener Love Day,” celebrating Pandora’s 10-year anniversary with a day of zero ads. The event begins at midnight (EST) on Sept. 9 and ends at midnight Sept. 10.