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Paperwork Issues Mean $18,000 Fine for KAZA

The station assures commission problems are corrected

Radio Fiesta Corp. is apparently on the hook for $18,000 in penalties for missing renewal application deadlines and public inspection violations at KAZA(AM), Gilroy, Calif.

The agency says the licensee actually filed its renewal paperwork late twice, by seven days in 2005 and by about a month in 2013.

The station told the commission the manager had passed away in 2005. That led to people new to broadcasting and unfamiliar with the public file requirements running the station, according to Radio Fiesta, in explaining why six years’ worth of quarterly issues/programs reports were not in the public file. The station assured the FCC it hired a communications attorney and the paperwork issues have been corrected.

The commission characterized the public file violations as “extensive” in its decision, however considering the record as a whole, the agency believes a forfeiture of $3,000 for each late renewal application, and $12,000 for the public file violations, is appropriate. That adds up to a proposed fine of $18,000.

Radio Fiesta has 30 days to appeal or pay; once this issue is cleared up, the commission will act on the renewal application, because it finds KAZA has been operating in the public interest.