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Partners Share Outlook for HD Radio:

Partners Share Outlook for HD Radio:

Several of Ibiquity Digital’s industry partners participated in today’s launch announcement and commented on the significance the event:
Milford Smith, Greater Media: “We strongly believe that HD Radio represents the future of AM and FM radio, and to underscore our commitment to this technology, we have already begun to transition all of our stations to HD Radio.”
Bob Demuth, Beasley Broadcast: “Over the last few months, we have begun broadcasting in HD Radio on several of our stations across the country, including local radio station KSTJ(FM). We have been extremely pleased with the feedback that we are receiving from these stations and feel that listeners will be dazzled by the great sound quality that HD Radio delivers.”
Mike Starling, NPR: “There is no question that HD Radio will deliver an immediate improvement to the AM and FM listening experience, but we are also enthused by its ability to support the long-term needs of radio. For example, we are working with Kenwood, Ibiquity Digital and Harris Corporation on our ‘Tomorrow Radio’ project, which will leverage HD Radio technology in order to broadcast multiple programs on the same station frequency, thereby delivering more choice for our loyal listener base.”
Dan Petersen, Kenwood: “Kenwood was the first consumer electronics manufacturer to be licensed by Ibiquity, and we are taking orders at this show from retailers for the KTC-HR100 HD Radio Tuners with availability later this month. We are proud of the role we have played in launching HD Radio consumer products and look forward to participating in the development of future generations of HD Radio products.”
Rob Lopez, Panasonic: “The HD Radio introduction further exemplifies our commitment to providing consumers with the very latest that consumer electronics has to offer. And, with Panasonic’s new CQ-CB9900U integrated HD Radio/CD receiver, users will find everything to receive HD Radio broadcasts included in the single-DIN size CD receiver.”
Aaron Novak, JVC: “HD Radio represents an exciting breakthrough, particularly for the mobile environment in which radio plays such an important role. JVC is committed to HD Radio as evidenced by our single-din model that we are showcasing during CES 2004 for delivery this spring.”
Bill Whikehart, Visteon: “As a recognized leader in automotive electronics, Visteon is particularly excited about the opportunities to integrate HD Radio’s data capabilities with the telematics features of the 21st century automobile. Our OEM partners are equally encouraged by these possibilities, and we continue to work with them to get HD Radio offered on future vehicles.” (Radio World has previously reported Visteon and Delphi partners plan to include HD Radios in ’05 model year vehicles.)
Don Milks, Onkyo: “As a long-term leader in home entertainment systems, Onkyo was among the first companies to integrate digital technology into the home environment with such innovations as our Net-Tune receivers. We look forward to bringing HD Radio technology into the digital living room with several new models and an innovative plug and play add-on module approach.”
Dave Workman, Ultimate Electronics: “This past Monday, Ultimate Electronics sold the nation’s first HD Radio receiver to a consumer in our Cedar Rapids, Iowa store. Judging by the enthusiastic reaction to the first HD Radio sale, we look forward to a positive response from consumers to these products.”
Look for Radio World’s continuing coverage of the HD Radio launch from the show floor at CES.