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SBE Names Andrea Cummis as Engineer of the Year

Marcos O’Rourke is honored for his educational efforts

Andrea Cummis headshot
Andrea Cummis

Andrea Cummis has been named the recipient of the Robert W. Flanders SBE Engineer of the Year award.

The Engineer of the Year award is presented to a member who has excelled in his or her career while furthering the mission of the Society of Broadcast Engineers. Cummis, who holds CBT and CTO certifications with the society, is the sitting president of SBE and has served as its treasurer and vice president. She is a member of Chapter 15 New York. A list of past recipients is at the bottom of this story.

[Read Radio World’s 2021 interview with Andrea Cummis.]

The society also announced that Marcos O’Rourke was named the James C. Wulliman SBE Educator of the Year.

The Educator of the Year award recognizes outstanding service and excellence in sharing knowledge through teaching other broadcast engineers. O’Rourke, who holds CBRE and CBNE certifications, is a member and secretary of Chapter 47 Los Angeles. He has a YouTube channel with hundreds of videos that SBE says pertains “to everything that is a part of radio broadcasting.

Marcos O'Rourke headshot
Marcos O’Rourke

Winners will be recognized at the SBE Awards Dinner in September during the SBE National Meeting, held in conjunction with the SBE22 Broadcast and Technology Expo in Liverpool, N.Y. [Read more about the SBE award programs.]

The SBE Wisconsin chapters and the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association won the Best Educational Event for their Wisconsin Broadcasters Clinic. Chapter 15 New York won the award for Best Chapter Communication.

The award for the chapters with the highest percentage growth of new members went to Magic Valley, Idaho, in Class A (chapters with 26 or fewer members) and South Bend, Ind., in Class B (27 or more members).

The highest percentage of certified members went to Rockford, Ill., in Class A and Central Ohio in Class B. The highest percentage of member attendance at meetings was won by Rochester, N.Y., in Class A and Northeast New York for Class B.

Blackmagic Design received SBE’s Technology Award for its URSA Broadcast G2 camera.

Robert W. Flanders SBE Engineer of the Year Recipients:

  • 2022 – Andrea Cummis, CBT, CTO
  • 2021 – Chris Tobin
  • 2020 – RJ Russell, CPBE
  • 2019 – Charlie Wooten
  • 2018 – Mark Persons, CPBE, AMD, CBNT
  • 2017 – Stephen R. Brown
  • 2016 – Michael Hendrickson, CPBE, CBNT
  • 2015 – Roswell D. Clark, CPBE, CBNT
  • 2014 – James A. Dalke, CPBE, 8-VSB, AMD, CBNT
  • 2013 – Edward J. Miller, CPBE
  • 2012 – Wiely Boswell, CBRE
  • 2011 – Al Grossniklaus, CBNT, P.E.
  • 2010 – John Luff
  • 2008-09 – Craig Strom
  • 2007 – Cris Alexander, CPBE, AMD, DRB
  • 2006 – John M. Lyons, CPBE
  • 2005 – Larry J. Wilkins, CPBE, AMD, CBNT
  • 2004 – Theodore H. Szypulski, CPBE
  • 2003 – James T. Bernier, Jr., CPBE, CBNT
  • 2003 – Douglas W. Garlinger, CPBE, CBNT
  • 2001 – Joseph L. Snelson, Jr., CPBE
  • 2000 – Kenneth J. Brown
  • 1999 – Clay Freinwald, CPBE
  • 1998 – Dane Ericksen, P.E., CSRTE
  • 1997 – Leonard J. Charles, CPBE
  • 1996 – Clay Freinwald, CPBE
  • 1995 – Leonard J. Charles, CPBE
  • 1994 – Donald C. Wilkinson, CSBE
  • 1993 – Albin Hilstrom, CPBE
  • 1992 – John Soergel, CPBE
  • 1991 – Terrence Baun, CPBE