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Perstel Launches Handheld Eureka-147/FM/MP3 Radio

Perstel Launches Handheld Eureka-147/FM/MP3 Radio

Perstel has launched a handheld DAB digital/FM radio with an integrated MP3 music player. The product uses the Eureka-147 terrestrial digital radio technology. The Adapt DR-201 is sold in Britain. It features a landscape design with a telescopic antenna, headphone socket and a four-line full graphic LCD screen that can display station information and news headlines depending on the radio station. Control buttons on the front of the radio beside the LCD screen, and a menu system enable the user to switch between DAB and FM signals and MP3 mode. The DR-201 is powered by Texas Instruments’ TMS320C5000 DSP-based TMS320DRE200 digital baseband and analog chipset for DAB.