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Philly Cops Try to Blow Up Radio Gear

Philly Cops Try to Blow Up Radio Gear

Anyone who has to lug around portable radio gear has had this concern from time to time. But it really happened to an announcer from Rhode Island covering a men’s college basketball game.
According to a story by the Associated Press, Steve McDonald’s equipment got bombed by the Philadelphia Police Department. McDonald left a metal suitcase with his radio gear on the team bus after a Rhode Island game against La Salle.
“When it was unloaded and nobody claimed it, bus personnel became alarmed and called police. Police found the wires to be suspicious, and ignited the case,” the wire service stated. “McDonald didn’t know what had happened until he arrived by train to Rhode Island, and realized he didn’t have his equipment.
“He says most of it survived the blast. But his pride has taken a hit.”