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Pogue Says “New” Generation Operates in Real Time

Tech columnist calls NextRadio app “everything radio should be”

The “new” generation operates in real time.

They have on-demand TV, newspapers and books and they expect everything “immediately,” according to Yahoo tech columnist David Pogue.

The tech columnist who’s also the host of “NOVA ScienceNOW,” told attendees of the Radio Luncheon here in Las Vegas at the 2014 NAB Show that we’re in a person-to-person economy. The Internet plays the role of a giant matchmaker, according to Pogue, who believes that trend started with eBay, which helps strangers “buy and sell junk” without meeting.

Things splinter, he said, noting that he keeps hearing Spotify is going to “kill radio.”

However, “That’s not how things work,” said Pogue. People said instant coffee would kill brewed coffee and that DVDs and the VCR would kill movies. Neither happened.

New technology frightens people, he added.

As for radio, Spotify and Pandora enables people to make playlists and share. There’s not enough of that in terrestrial radio, according to the tech columnist.

But where he really got on the industry concerns the NextRadio app, calling it “everything radio should be.”

“You should be on the mountain talking about this app!” said Pogue, noting that it doesn’t use up the user’s data plan and uses one-third the battery life in the smartphone compared to Pandora or Spotify.