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Pokharel Receives Asia Honesty Award 2015

Nepal-based distributor recognized for his “key role in encouraging young entrepreneurs”

Sushil Pokharel, the CEO of Nepal-based distributor and systems integrator, Sushmit International has been awarded the Asia Honesty Award 2015.

Sushmit International represents broadcast industry brands including BW Broadcast, Sonifex, Nautel, Telos, Axia, Omnia, DB Broadcast, Deva and ELTI.

Established by the Asia Excellence Entrepreneur Federation, the award, which encourages young people to contribute to society through business, recognizes successful individuals who “hold up the concept of honesty and integrity to customers, employees and shareholders.”

AEEF is an International non-profit organization made up of members from Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, Japan, India, Australia, the United States and Africa.

According to the federation, they selected Pokharel for his “achievements, which have inspired hundreds of SME entrepreneurs throughout the region,” citing his “exemplary ethical practices in business and a key role in encouraging young entrepreneurs in Nepal.”

Speaking at the awards ceremony in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on Dec. 2, Pokharel said that he never imagined he would arrive at this stage when he started his first company with a only few thousand rupees.

“All I want to say to aspiring entrepreneurs is that you do not need an elite background to come into business,” he said. “You can always start small, and let honesty, creativity and courage take you where you want to go.”

Pokharel is involved in different business segments including broadcast solutions, ICT, tourism and hydropower.