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Portable Internet Radio Launched

Portable Internet Radio Launched

Start-up company ROCKM.COM has developed a way to access online streaming music content without connecting to a computer. The ROCKM-BOX is a new release that will have an effect on Web radio users and streaming radio distributors.
Initially the ROCKM-BOX will host 4000 online music channels. Radio content comes from the major Internet distributors such as NetRadio Corporation. The ROCKM-BOX will play a wealth of different music formats including Jazz, Rock, Blues, Electronic, Country, Oldies, Comedy, Talk Radio, Sports, Opera, and more 24 hours a day.
ROCKM.COM’s underlying strategy is to extend market reach beyond the traditional audience of Internet radio. CEO John Patti stated, “We have noticed the surge in popularity for streaming music and for net music as a whole. ROCKM.COM expects to take full advantage of Internet radio by offering a simple device anyone can operate, that is portable and can tap into the net from any residential phone line without toll charges.”
Recent studies suggest a booming marketplace — Web radio users are expected to grow to 105 million by 2008 and streaming media advertising sales should surpass a billion dollars by 2005.
ROCKM.COM will require a monthly subscription fee of $5 for 5 hours and $21 for unlimited use. All channels are available via the ROCKM.COM media guide. The ROCKM-BOX complies fully with the recording industry and will not store music. Revenue will be generated through the sale of boxes, monthly subscriptions, integrated CD purchases, voice ad insertion, premium channel placements and media guide advertising.