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Power of Promotions, Social Interactions

Jacobs Media report looks at what factors entice and encourage listener engagement

Source: Jacobs Media Strategies Techsurvey 13

There’s much to be gleaned from the Jacobs Media Strategies Techsurvey 13 when it comes to tracking the patterns and actions of listeners.

The research and consulting firm Jacobs Media Strategies asked more than 51,000 respondents about their listening habits, and found that when it comes to enticing visitors to a station’s website, concerts and promotions are the name of the game. When asked why they visit a station’s home page, 42% said contests and promotions were the reasons they checked out a station’s website, followed by a station’s audio stream (37%), info on local concerts (37%), station and DJ appearances (35%), news and info (34%), DJ blogs (33%), community events (28%) and news feeds (24%).

When it comes to other online usage patterns, the survey found that Facebook stands apart as the most popular social site. Among those with a social media profile, a whopping 94% say they visit Facebook daily, followed by Facebook Messenger (80%), LinkedIn (63%), YouTube (61%), Google+ (56%) and Twitter (54%).

The survey also found that three in 10 listeners listen more often to stations that interact with them socially. This is especially true for fans of urban AC, rhythmic CHR and CHR.

When it comes to discovering new music, a large majority head to AM/FM broadcast radio to find out what’s new: 54%. In distant second are friends and relatives (less than 8%), other electronic methods like Spotify (3%) and television shows (3%) as well as music magazines (1%) and band/artist websites (1%).

The report also offered significant research into the link between music and mobile devices. The report found that in today’s tech-focused environment, more respondents say they wake up to mobile phones these days than they do to clock radios. Forty-three respondents get their morning wake-up call from the ringtone on their phone or tablet, as compared with 22% who use their clock radio tuned to a local radio station. Mysteriously, 20% cite “some other way” of waking themselves up in the a.m. Radio streaming via mobile devices hasn’t picked up yet when it comes to morning wake up calls; only 1% say they wake up to the radio station being streamed through their phone and tablet.

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