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DTS Launches New “InCabin” Series of Events

Initiative will highlight next-generation technologies in vehicles

A brand new series of live events being launched this week by DTS Inc., the wholly owned subsidiary of HD Radio developer and licensor Xperi, will highlight next-generation in-cabin technologies.

The inaugural InCabin event is scheduled for Sept. 15 following the AutoSens conference at AutoWorld Museum in Brussels. The first of its kind event aims to rethink the in-cabin space, combining sensing with entertainment, DTS says. Subsequent events will be held twice a year, according to a DTS press release.

DTS, which has been developing in-car safety technology via its DTS AutoSense platform, is teaming with Sense Media Group, the producer of AutoSens conferences, to launch the initiative. The global series of events was sparked by a soaring interest in in-cabin monitoring and intelligent interior technologies, according to DTS.

The company says many future applications for safety, comfort and productivity will be enabled by sensors, processing hardware, AI software and algorithms.

“The InCabin community brings together experts from across all these technical disciplines and the whole supply chain to drive innovation and product development,” says DTS. “We see in-cabin sensing as a holistic solution which enable use cases around safety and user experience.”

DTS is expected to demo its DTS AutoSense Single Camera DMS OMS [Driver and Occupant Monitoring System], which can track the eye movement of vehicle occupants, at the InCabin event this week. 

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A promotional image from the Xperi connected car website

The company, which also has created the in-vehicle hybrid radio platform DTS AutoStage, believes the initial focus of the new series will be on technical applications related to sensing and safety, but evolve into in-cabin experiences of which DTS AutoStage will be a component.  

This week’s event in Brussels will include automakers among others like Bosch, LG Electronics, Sony, OMNIVISION, Optalert, EuroNCAP and Tobii. Sessions include “Humanizing the In-cabin Experience” and “In-cabin, From User Safety to User Experience.”

“Automotive has connected the vehicle exterior, but the next evolution is all about solving the vehicle interior, especially its role as a third space,” said Adi Capata, DTS senior vice president of engineering. “Sensing technology is critical to the in-cabin future, with significant implications for consumers, OEMs and technology providers. The applications are numerous from vehicle safety, to health care and wellness, to immersive entertainment, which it why DTS is so proud to be a founding partner of InCabin.”

DTS said it believes “tomorrow’s vehicle can become a very safe third space rather than just a transportation device – with the cockpit a place of relaxation, where content consumption, working or socializing can take place. One that is personalized and allows a seamless transition from at-home to in-vehicle, with the vehicle sensing all the music and comfort preferences of the driver/passengers, then automatically adjusting.”

The advisory board of InCabin includes experts from Volvo and General Motors, according to DTS.

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