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Dwight Douglas Has New Radio Novel

Industry veteran rolls out “True Radio Confessions”

Dwight Douglas wants you to read his latest book. 

After all: “You may be in it!”

Douglas is an author and comedian whose work in media included roles at consulting firm Burkhart-Abrams & Associates and at software company RCS, before he retired in 2017 to focus on writing.

“True Radio Confessions: Sex, Drugs & Rock ’n Roll” is the title of his latest independently published tome. 

“This is the story of Sonny Joe McPherson, a kid who grew up dreaming of hot mics, breaking records and putting together a broadcasting career to propel himself into the big time — or at least out of Dayton, Ohio,” Douglas writes in the promotional summary.

“His journey offers 50 years of adventure mixed with conflict, success, opportunity and some loss. This unfiltered critique is one man’s story but pulls the curtain back on an industry that’s constantly changing, for better or worse.”

It is a work of fiction, though Douglas says he tried to “fill in the blanks for the typical radio listener about how our industry worked in the good old days.”

This and other Douglas titles are available on Amazon.