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National Audio Theatre Festivals Award Ceremony Set for November

Audio pioneer Fred Greenhalgh is one of three individuals to be honored at event

A date has been set to celebrate the winners of the 2022 Norman Corwin Award for Excellence in Audio Theater.

This year, three individuals are being recognized by the National Audio Theatre Festivals Inc. (NATF) for their efforts in promoting audio excellence in America. The ceremony is set to take place on Sunday, Nov. 13, 2022, at 3 p.m. Central Standard Time.

This year the Norman Corwin Award is being presented to audio innovator and inventor Fred Greenhalgh. Recently named head of audio production at the audio entertainment company Realm, Greenhalgh is the youngest-ever winner of this national award. Greenhalgh is also the founder and original host of Radio Drama Revival on WMPG(FM), a long-running modern audio drama program.

The NATF said Greenhalgh is being recognized for having served  as a tireless advocate for audio theater. In addition to serving as a mentor and finding new ways to bring his indie-film background to what the NATF calls “the world of movies for the mind,” Greenhalgh runs a free online course designed to teach audio theater techniques and speaks at conferences around the world. His experience includes creation of the original series “The Cleansed,” which used innovative location-recording techniques, the co-creation of a 14-hour-long audio program called “Locke and Key” and long term collaboration on programs like “The X-Files: Cold Cases” and award-winning programs like “If I Go Missing the Witches Did It” and “Roanoke Falls.” 

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During the ceremony, the NATF will also posthumously recognize two individuals for their efforts to advance the art of audio and audio theater: Dr. Linda Lopez McAlister and Jeffrey C. Kraus.

After earning a doctorate in philosophy from Cornell University and serving as chair of the philosophy department at the University of South Florida, Dr. Lopez McAlister moved to New Mexico and began focusing on producing audio theater works. She founded Camino Real Productions in association with the National Hispanic Cultural Center and began producing live stage plays and radio theater works for public radio station KUNM(FM). While her stage productions made her well known in the Albuquerque theater scene, it was her accomplishments in radio theater that carried her work to a national audience, the NATF said.

The NATF is also recognizing the contributions of Jeffrey C. Kraus, who is being honored for his contributions to broadcast journalism and the art of American audio theater. Despite his untimely passing at the age of 53, Kraus reached a myriad of milestones including graduating from Hofstra University in New York before becoming a faculty member at the school around the same time that the school received its first broadcast license — first known as WVHC(FM) and then WRHU(FM) in 1983. Kraus served as general manager of the school’s student radio station for more than 30 years, inspiring many students to go on to successful broadcasting careers. 

The NATF established the Norman Corwin Award for Excellence in Audio Theatre in 2010 to recognize the life and work of audio pioneer Norman Corwin