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New Society Celebrates “College Radio for Life”

Organizers hope to involve “the many generations of college radio alumni in the country”

Logo of the College Radio Society, white letters on a black background in a red and white circle

Did college radio play a role in your career? Do you believe in college radio? Here’s a story for you.

The College Radio Foundation has launched The College Radio Society, to celebrate and promote “the rich, ongoing history of college radio.” While the membership will include students, the organizers hope specifically to involve “the many generations of college radio alumni in the country.”

In addition to a CRS Facebook Group, they plan a podcast, zine and events, according to Lori Quicke, executive director of the College Radio Foundation.

“There’s lots of stories and history that we cannot afford to lose.”

There are three levels of membership, starting at $3 per month for individuals and including a corporate/organizational membership rate.

The College Radio Foundation organizes the annual World College Radio Day in October.

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