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NPR Expands Its Presence on YouTube

Taps into the popularity of podcasting on YouTube platform

A promo graphic for NPR Podcasts with the words "More Voices, All Ears" in the background
An NPR promo graphic on YouTube

With its eye on expanding its footprint in video-first contexts, NPR is partnering with YouTube to bring certain popular podcasts to that platform.

“The relationship connects NPR’s diverse collection of podcasts with YouTube’s audience of over 2 billion monthly logged-in users and brings new viewers to these popular shows,” the organization said.

It quoted YouTube Global Head of Podcasting Kai Chuk saying that more than 1 billion hours watched per day on YouTube is podcasting content.

Anya Grundmann, NPR SVP of programming and audience development, said this expansion comes after the “global success of our Tiny Desk Concerts.”

The list of about 20 podcasts includes “Fresh Air,” “Up First,” “1A,” “The Limits” and “Code Switch.”