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Public Media Companies Rally Together on Podcast Training

Selected groups will receive $10,000 in funding to assist with production and operational expenses

PRXThree public media companies are working together to train broadcasters to develop programming for podcasts.

PRX, PBS Kids and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting announced a new project called the Ready to Learn Podcast Accelerator, a podcast training and development program for producers looking to create educational content for children. The program will take place virtually over 16 weeks starting in May and run through September. As part of the program, five production teams will be chosen to develop and create family-friendly audio content through a processing- and skills-development podcast program that will touch on everything from preplanning through the production process.

Creators in the program will receive 16 weeks of virtual podcast training led by PRX, a nonprofit media company, in tandem with children’s programming experts from PBS Kids. That training will include workshops, webinars and intensive sessions focusing on concept development, audience, community engagement and production values. The selected groups will also receive $10,000 in funding to assist with production and operational expenses. The deadline to apply is March 19.

The three companies are encouraging production teams with a demonstrated level of interest in children’s storytelling and education media to apply. In addition, independent production teams, public media station teams or teams from U.S.-based media organizations are encouraged to submit new podcast ideas for the children’s media landscape, especially content that centers on diverse voices and communities.

Content may be submitted in any genre, but should center on introducing children ages 4–8 to the world of work. This includes exposure to a variety of career and job options as well as development of social and emotional and executive functions.

The application submission window is open through Friday, March 19. More information can be found at the program website here.