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TM Studios Delivers Sound Package to KNX News in L.A.

Audacy station wanted fresh and modern, “with no news radio cliches”

From our Who’s Buying What page: Sound agency TM Studios has delivered a custom sonic package for Audacy’s KNX News, Los Angeles.

“Alex Silverman, director of news and programming KNX News, reached out to TM Studios to tackle the job of a 2023 update, which called for a fresh approach with no news radio cliches,” the vendor wrote in a press release.

“The brief also included the concept of bringing back TM’s iconic iteration of the KNX heritage logo, still widely recognized in Southern California.”

(Hear samples of the sound package.)

Silverman was quoted, “Because audio is our product, it was all the more important to get this right.”

TM’s co-owner and Chief Creative Officer Dave Bethell said of Silverman, “I’m grateful he appreciates the power and impact of a sonic identity and bringing back the famous sonic logo in a new 2023 way was a smart play.”