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Use of Voice Commands Is on the Rise

Edison Research and NPR update us on the use of smart audio

Voice tech is everywhere. Its use is increasing. And advertising messages on smart speakers work.

Those are findings from Edison Research and NPR in their latest Smart Audio Report about voice technology in the United States. They surveyed about 2,300 people in February to April.

They estimate that 62% of Americans age 18+ use a voice assistant on any device: smart speakers, smartphones, TV remotes, in-car systems, a computer/laptop or tablets. And 57% of voice command users use those commands daily.

The top reasons for getting a smart speaker haven’t changed since five years ago: to listen to music; to ask questions without needing to type; and because it seems like a fun new gadget.

Reasons that have increased include technology upgrades (replacing an old radio or controlling smart home devices), access to media (entertaining kids, discovering new songs, listening to podcasts) and accessibility (helping an older person or someone with disability).

The slide below shows how respondents said they listen to audio most often.

Slide showing results of survey question how do you listen to audio most often