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PSNI Celebrates 15th Anniversary

PSNI Celebrates 15th Anniversary

Celebrating its 15th anniversary this year, Professional Systems Network Inc. is a 15-year-old nationwide network of audio and visual system integrators. PSNI designs, develops and installs AV communications systems.
Starting with five affiliate companies in 1986, PSNI has grown in 15 years to 21 affiliates. It has offices in 45 U.S. cities and plans to expand to 16 additional cities, as well penetrating three Canadian regions. As a group, PSNI employs nearly 1,000, including 259 sales people and 313 technical people.
PSNI launched an expanded CD-ROM version of its annual Reference Catalog in 2001. The catalog contains more than 300 pages of featured products from 183 leading manufacturers. It also includes a variety of product information.
Benefits of being a PSNI affiliate include use of the association logo, financial analysis, e-mail discussion forums, preferred vendor access, manufacturer recognition, cooperative marketing materials and a Web site.
To learn more about PSNI and its services, contact Mark Temen at (800) 277-7764, or visit PSNI on the World Wide Web at