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Pulsecom/APT Ships New Access Unit

Pulsecom/APT Ships New Access Unit

The newly released Pulsecom/APT Program Channel Access Unit provides broadband audio and secure link applications. The encoder/decoder card frees operating companies from manual workarounds and special assemblies.
Jointly developed by Pulsecome and Belfast, Ireland-based Audio Processing Technology, the card features the APT apt-X compression algorithm and passes 20 Hz to 15 kHz over a standard 128 kbps dedicated ISDN link. This permits broadcast-quality audio from any D4, DLC or NGDLC carrier system.
Optimized for Web-based, broadcast and traditional applications, the apt-X algorithm used by the PCAU supports multiple tandem connections without the degradation inherent in other common compression algorithms.
Based on a proven ISDN interface and featuring instant alignment, NEBS Level 3 compliance, Plug & Play Type 400 mechanics and network standard loopbacks, the Pulsecom/APT PCAU is designed for high volume use. Price: $3,400 list.
For more information, contact Pulsecom in Virginia at (703) 471-2908, or visit the company on the World Wide Web at