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Putting IP Technology to Work for Broadcast

ABA Engineering Academy holds July sessions

Larry Wilkins, director of the venerable Alabama Broadcasters Association Engineering Academy has sent us an outline of the next “IP Fundamentals for Broadcast” seminar. Wayne Pecena, assistant director of Educational Broadcast Services at Texas A&M University and director of engineering for KAMU Public Radio and Television, will be running the sessions. Larry notes that the event on July 22 has sold out but there may be a few openings left for the July 23 session.

The impact of information technology in the broadcast plant is clearly here to stay. Information technology is a vast diversified field unto itself, with IP networking often found as the foundation technology or glue that makes other areas of IT integration possible. The understanding of IP networking is an essential foundation for today’s broadcast engineer.

“IP Networking for Broadcast” is an intensive instructor-led full-day tutorial. The course of study will focus on providing an understanding of the principal networking fundamentals found in an Ethernet-based IP local area network environment.

Emphasis will be placed upon understanding the data flow layers of the OSI Model, Ethernet switching, VLAN implementation, IP routing, IP addressing, network security concerns, and design-build best practices of an Ethernet-based IP network in the broadcast plant. IPv6 addressing topics will also be introduced.

The goal of this tutorial is to provide a practical understanding of IP network theory and design principals that can be applied in a practical manner. Network equipment configuration specifics are not a specific goal of this tutorial. However, practical network device configurations focused upon popular manufacturers will be utilized to illustrate theoretical concepts. The goal is to provide understanding of the underlying theory of operation that can be applied to a wide variety of network infrastructure equipment found in today’s marketplace to suit individual needs.

For further information contact Larry Wilkins.